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2ACHIEVE brand and website launch

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010


The start of a New Year and the gyms will be packed with the New Year resolution inspired masses looking to lose the xmas pounds. A far cry from the faddy diets and obscure gym programmes is start up company 2ACHIEVE who have just launched their brand and website

This company takes a much broader view of health, fitness and nutrition and how they link to overall wellbeing, life enjoyment and work performance.  They approached Foundry34 to develop their brand and website incorporating a client area where they could allow attendees of their course and members to download and access course specific information.  The site and brand speaks volumes about where this ambitious company want to be and the knowledge and skill they bring to wellbeing. Whether working for the commercial sector in improving worker performance and sickness rates or helping parents manage the eating habits of their children they balance an approachable and friendly attitude with complete professionalism.

Check out their site at

Catch the Spirit frisbee branding

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

ultimate frisbee

Just wanted to let people take a sneak preview of some of the brand work we’ve recently undertaken with Frisbee kings Catch The Spirit. The guys at CTS run an online store selling Frisbees, providing discgolf training courses and run courses in schools. Obsessed with everything to do with flying discs they have a real passion for engaging kids in the sport. CTS approached us they wanted to develop a number of sub-brands to really capture each of the three areas they work; Ultimate, Discgolf and Discsports for schools. The new Ultimate sub-brand is shown here. A little bit 70s, a little bit retro and definitely cool. We hope to show some more samples as they develop.

Brand Cristiano Ronaldo

Friday, June 20th, 2008

Back to our second favourite subject – football and brands. With Portugal’s exit from the Euro 2008 competition everybody’s eyes turn back to the ‘will he won’t he’ saga of Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid. With no spies available in either camp we will have to content ourselves with looking at this from a brand perspective. Unlike products and companies which can evolve and change constantly building on their brand, the career of the footballer is short and their (brand) value which is so easily inflated with one good season easily wanes with old age, poor form or injury. From a purely financial perspective Ronaldo himself would be wise to cash in on his brand- take the huge wages- who knows what one dodgy tackle next season could mean? Man Utd. also would be wise to take the money and run- Ferguson has shown consistently superstars are replaceable (Beckham, Van Nistelrooy) the club brand value will be intact no matter what (as long as they keep winning and playing tours in the Far East). Real Madrid also stand to make a substantial sum- they know better than anyone that the transfer fees are small fry to the advertising revenue and potential shirt sales. So what does this mean for the football side of things – will Real win the Champions League if they buy Ronaldo? Probably not. Will they make lots of money? Certainly. What does this mean for Ronaldo’s brand value? Well, if he stays he could just maybe become one of the icons of football where his brand and reputation outlasts his career. If he goes he could be the most highly paid footballer on the planet with the highest transfer fee but maybe, just maybe, in a couple of seasons time be another one of the many over paid bench-warmers with people asking Cristiano who?

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