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Archive for February, 2012

The Pony and Trap

Monday, February 6th, 2012

January saw the launch of the new website for the Michelin Star restaurant The Pony and Trap. Featuring a full Content Management System this new website is a huge improvement on the last site in both appearance and technology. The new site allows the restaurant to show daily menus, incorporate Josh Eggleton’s blog and provide up to date information about the restaurant. By using adaptive layouts and new technology we were able to optimise the site to work across a range of devices including mobile phones, ipads and of course your desktop. Check out their site here.

globalblackswan Website Redevelopment

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Great to see the new version of the globalblackswan website launched last month. The site for the business transformation experts features an evolution of the previous site’s look and feel.  The new site is more crisp, minimal and has a more organised feel. The improvements on the site are more than skin deep, Foundry34 sat and worked with the client extensively on working out a new navigation structure and how they could allow users to jump quickly to information and cross-relate articles and services. One of the key improvements is using the depth of content, expert articles, news and media to focus of the company’s solution groups. What started life as a huge sitemap in our studio spread across two desks has now come to life and is already a huge improvement of the previous site.  Once again it’s great to work with a client who actively embraces new technology, so from Twitter feeds to CSS3 we have been able to experiment with new ways of designing and developing while keeping a strict eye on the client’s objectives. Check out their website here

Snowmen- Genius

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Amazing how a few journeys stuck on a motorway in the snow can dampen the memories of playing in the snow as a kid but the snow last year almost did it. So when we saw the snow coming down over the weekend  you just got that feeling of – here we go again. With team members in Aberdeen and the Lake District over the weekend it’s almost surprising that we are here and intact on a Monday.  Notwithstanding almost having to abandon the car and make it on foot there is something about a snowman at the end of your journey that make you smile. We can’t claim the glory on this one but a genius effort in the lakes- complete with individual wooden teeth- show offs.

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